Turkish Work Permit and Work Visa in Turkey

Types of Work Permit in Turkey 2019

Find all types of work permit in Turkey and where you are allowed to apply for Turkish work permit

How to get a work permit in Turkey is the most common questions for foreigners/investors who have the intention to be an employee or establish a company in Turkey. In compliance with Turkish law, Turkish work permits are granted in 3 different types:

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Definite period of time

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Indefinite period of time

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Independent Work Permit

The first thing you should know about “work permit in Turkey” is that there are different kinds of “Permit” allowing foreigners to work legally in Turkey. it can be either a definite term work permit such as one year or indefinite term work permit. Also, the person may apply for a permit allowing the concerned one work independently or apply for a permit which is exclusively for company shareholders. Requirements and the documents for each permit types are different.

Work permit for foreigners in the shell of Turkish law by number 4817 and the law’s application regulation, foreigners not only work with an employer dependently but also work independently on their own behalf.

Well Noted: Applications for work permits can be made inside or outside Turkey

Foreigners residing outside Turkey shall apply to the relevant Turkish Consulate of either his/her country of residence or his/her country of citizenship.

Foreigners with a valid residence permit (valid for a minimum of 6 months, except for residence permits for educational purposes) can apply directly to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security

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