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Company Formation Turkey 2020

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Start you business through company formation in Turkey

The new attractive articles of Foreign Direct Investment law in Turkey regarding company formation Turkey are as following: all previous FDI rules regarding procedure of company formation Turkey and sharing transfer are abolished in turkey by new FDI legislation law. it is not required for foreign investors to obtain pre approval for these transactions except for some certain sectors. the prerequisite for company formation and business set up would be same as local investor comparing with foreign investors.

Elimination of Certain Permission

regarding company formation Turkey, The required permissions for specific transactions belonging to foreign investment companies have been removed and companies with foreign capital will follow the exact same process and turkish companies to these transactions.

Elimination of Certain capital by 50,000 TL

Regarding company formation Turkey The required minimum capital by 50,000 USD per each foreign shareholder are eliminated.

Consideration as local companies

The companies with foreign capital in Turkey has the same legislation as companies with domestic capital. The foreign investors will be treated as turkish investors and there is non-discrimination and same treatment policy towards them

elimination of Turkish shareholder requirement

There is no need to have any turkish participation or partnership in capital or management of company formation and foreign company fomation in Turkey can be done by 100 percent foreign capital

Simplification of company formation procedure

The procedure of company formation in Turkey are simplified to great deal through shifting ”Screening System” to ”Monotoring System” and removal of unessential process

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