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Property for Sale in Turkey, Istanbul

HauzBiz is an international Turkish real estate company, that brings you the finest Property for Sale in Istanbul Turkey. Our clients receive the best professional advice and guidance regarding property for sale in Istanbul Turkey in any of the following languages; English, Arabic, Persian and Russian for an easy and comfortable experience. Headquartered in Istanbul; our team of international consultants is committed to providing you with unmatched quality service for all your real estate and investment needs in Turkey. HauzBiz advocates on your behalf and ensures that all your questions are answered. We experienced all the complexity and bureaucracy of purchasing property for sale in Turkey, Istanbul for foreign investor, and by knowing the problems of immigration to a exotic city in abroad, that is why we offer you our full dedication and expertise to make sure you always make the smartest decision when investing in real estate in Turkey. Our services is ONE-STOP-SHOP extend beyond helping you with buying property for sale in Istanbul and moving; we also provide excellent property management, getting Turkish Citizenship by Investment, Getting residence permit in Turkey with noticeable advantages over other real-estate agencies in Turkey.


How We Work?

Client Approach

Understanding Your Needs

A Hauzbiz consulting agent will contact you to learn about what you're looking for and help you take the first step towards your investment.

Best Property Offers

Upon analyzing your needs and budget, we will offer you the best property for sale in Turkey, Istanbul for Sale, investment and residency with the best prices and the highest quality.

Free Inspection Trip and Consultation

HauzBiz provides its clients with a free visit and tour to locations of the properties along with a free detailed consultation by one of our team professionals
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Getting Your Turkish Citizenship

HauzBiz manages all legal aspects from the very beginning of the purchasing process until the finalization point. We secure your purchase, residency, citizenship and your Turkish passport with our team of highly experienced HauzBiz lawyers and experts.
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